Board of Directors

Ms Judith Pangani
Judith Pangani
Board Chairperson

A seasoned leader, guides the board with strategic vision and integrity, ensuring organizational success through effective governance

Ms Grace Kafulatira Mulima
Grace Kafulatira Mulima
Director- Appointments and Disciplinary Committee

Brings HR expertise to transparent recruitment and fair disciplinary processes, fostering a positive work environment

Mr Marcel Chisi
Marcel Chisi
Director of Projects and Programmes Committee

Oversees impactful initiatives, ensuring efficient execution and meaningful results for stakeholders

Mr Liphar Imran
Liphar Imran
Director- Legal Affairs Committee

Provides legal guidance, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks to protect the organization's interests

Our Secretariat

Ms Apatsa Kaponda
Apatsa Kaponda
Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Officer

Ensures program effectiveness through meticulous monitoring and evaluation, driving continuous improvement

Ms Janet Maneya
Janet Maneya
Gender Officer

Advocates for gender equality, integrating perspectives into organizational operations to promote inclusivity.

Ms Tamiwa Chikopa
Tamiwa Chikopa
Finances and Audit Committee

Her financial acumen ensures fiscal responsibility, supporting informed decision-making and safeguarding resources

Mr Benson Edwinson Phiri
Benson Edwinson Phiri
Technical Advisor

Offers strategic guidance, leveraging expertise to navigate challenges and empower staff towards innovation

Ms Monica Makeya Dzonzi
Monica Makeya Dzonzi
Programmes Manager

Leadership drives effective program management, maximizing impact and sustainability for community development.

Ms Philomena Mpango
Philomena Mpango
Youth advocate

Amplifies youth voices, advocating for policies and programs that address their needs and aspirations.

Ms Peace Ndoya
Peace Ndoya
Projects Officer

Organizational skills drive successful project implementation, delivering results on time and within budget

Mr Sydney Manyela
Sydney Manyela
Communications Manager

Strategically communicates the organization's mission, fostering engagement and support from stakeholders.